Ann Walts

When most people think of hair extensions, a couple of things come to mind; visuals and expense.

What many don’t realize is that not all extensions are the same. The application processes are different, the feel of each application is different and the quality of the added hair is different.

Great Lengths utlizes 100% human hair of the best quality from India. It is gathered so that the cuticle layers all face the same direction from root to end. This is called Remy hair. It is of extraordinary  quality since it has never been exposed to harsh chemical treatments, do not tangle easily and provide a natural look, easy maintenance, longevity and resistance to an active lifestyle. Indian temple hair is optimal for the employment of  quality hair extensions.

Each strand is pre-bonded with a patented keratin protein polymer-which mimics the molecular structure of your own hair.

RefleXions of You is proud to offer you the Great Lengths brand for:


Before Great Lengths Thickening

Great Lengths hair extensions for volume


After Color but Before Great Lengths 2
After Lengthening With Great Lengths


Seasonal Fun




Team Spirit


Great Length Swatches


Do you dream in color? If so, Great Lengths hair extensions has you covered! Whether you are looking to add length, volume, chemical free color, or just for some fun, Great Lengths can provide it. As a qualified, Great Lengths certified hair extensionist, I’ll be happy to take you where you want to go. I’m just a phone call away.




There is a $40 non refundable consultation fee due when you schedule your appointment which will be deducted when you proceed with the hair extension service. If you choose not to proceed with the hair extensions at this time, the fee will cover the time spent by the salon. Your consultation for Great Lengths Hair Extensions begins with an assessment of the strength and condition of your natural hair as its integrity is always a priority to me. We will discuss what you desire for your look, whether or not you have had extensions in the past and what that experience was like for you. We’ll cover how to maintain your extensions, what products you will need to use at home, answer any questions you may have, and of course match the Great Lengths colors to the look you’re after. At the time of scheduling your extension application service, a 50% non refundalbe deposit is required

Great lengths 2


Great Lengths hair  



Great Lengths Pricing

There are a lot of factors that go into designing your desired look,

therefore I cannot give accurate prices without first doing a thorough consultation.

Below is a list of STARTING PRICES


Starting at $325
Starting at $375
Starting at $2100
Starting at $1200
$12 per strand


Great Lengths Removal and Detangling

Removal is $75 per hour. $100 per hour if after care instructions are not followed.

Detangling is $100 per hour.